Pennsylvania-Cork Jewish Apple Cake with Cheering Cream.

Step 6 of the Give Depression The Boot Programme was to cook something delicious. Here it is:

Jewish Apple Cake recipe.

This heavenly apple and walnut cake came to me, as though delivered by an angel, from Jodi at The Creative Life In Between. I love walnut cake and I’ve never met an apple cake I didn’t like but this one is spectacular. Three of my four children declared this to be their ‘new favourite dessert’ and the fourth is a teenage boy who hoovered it up without tasting it so that counts as unanimous.

My cake looks much paler than Jodi’s. I’m not sure why that is but who cares! Jodi makes the cake as three loaves. I put one third of the mix in a high-sided, loose-bottomed (sounds like myself) sandwich tin and this we scoffed, hot from the oven, after our Sunday Roast.

I used Bramley apples which are probably a far cry from the authentic version but I like to bake with apples that are tart and mushy (again, like myself).

It’s a very easy cake, a total crowd-pleaser and even quite nutritious if you can resist the whiskey-spiked chantilly  cream on the side. Don’t, life is short: whisk together 200mls fresh cream with a tablespoon of icing sugar and a splash of whiskey. Sláinte (pronounced Sh-laawn-che)

I could call that sláintilly cream…say it with me: sh-laawn-chilly creamá. Cute, huh?

The recipe for the cake and some really interesting notes on its history are on Jodi’s lovely blog…CLICK HERE FOR BEST APPLE CAKE EVER.

I hope Jodi won’t mind if I give you the metric conversions for the ingredients here. That’s how much I want you to discover this cake…I’m even willing to do the sums for you! I can’t be 100% certain that my cake tasted exactly like Jodi’s but, again, who cares!

Metric Measurements for Jodi’s Jewish Apple Cake (Americans, take your cups and go directly here.)

4 Bramley cooking apples.
125g chopped walnuts (I didn’t chop them as I was making gravy at the same time and somewhat harried. I like them whole: suit yourself).
500g caster sugar (that’s 100g on the apples and 4oog in the cake. It sounds like a lot but you are making a lot of cake!).
2 tsp cinnamon.
4 eggs.
2 1/2 tsp vanilla (I used whiskey. Double Sláinte).
120 mls orange juice.
240 mls sunflower oil.
360 g plain flour.
2 tsp baking powder.

Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes or until the smell of apple and cinnamon filled your heart with joy.

Thanks Jodi, this cake made my day. The kids all have a slice in their lunch boxes and I have a wedge tucked away for my afternoon cuppa. Truly, life is beautiful.

You can tell I’m feeling better, right?



11 thoughts on “Pennsylvania-Cork Jewish Apple Cake with Cheering Cream.

  1. Oh Lynda! What a FUN SURPRISE!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I wish you could see the HUMONGOUS smile on my face! I am going to re-blog your post so my friends in other countries that need metric conversion will now have it! You are such a treasure! I love the new name you gave it too! <#


  2. It’s apple picking time in the orchards that surround us here (we have a dozen trees of our own but still joined in what is a highly festive and convivial time as it turns out). Therefore I have a glut of apples and am looking for lots of ways to use them. This is a new apple cake on me so I’ll give it a whirl later and send some into my husband’s lab for them all to scoff with coffee tomorrow. If it turns out half as good as yours I have a feeling they will be calling ME and angel!


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