Days Without End.

Way back in the summer of 1990 when the movie Pretty Woman was released, magazines and Sunday papers buzzed with news of an exciting new actress and, more than anything else, her hair. Her hair! Oh my God, her hair! For the most part, the raving reviews neglected to mention that the heroine was a prostitute.

A similar frisson surrounds Sebastian Barry’s latest novel, Days Without End, particularly since it was named the Costa Novel of the Year on January 3rd. Bookish social media sites are raving about the language. The language, they buzz, is extraordinary, exciting, unique…but that doesn’t tell you a whole lot about the book...(click here to read on)

Sebastian Barry. Days Without End.

6 thoughts on “Days Without End.

  1. I have no choice but to buy the book …. your review makes it a certainty that I must read it. I rather think I may not come out of it quite the same as I went in which is, for me, what great books should do. Thank you thank you thank you for the beautifully crafted steer.

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