To the one I love…

There are days when I am convinced that Nigella Lawson was put on Earth to make me fat.

Negella Lawson, custard cream hearts.

Or happy. Let’s face it: the woman is a genius.

nigella Lawson, tessellating hearts.

Hearts tessellate, who knew?

Nigella Lawson, custard cream hearts.

Feast is one of my favourite cookbooks. It reads like a lesson in loving life, revelling in it.

Nigella Lawson, custard cream

Feast lives on my eye-level shelf for ease of access when an occasion needs to be celebrated, a success savoured, a sorrow consoled, a date marked.

Nigella Lawson Custard Cream Hearts

Happy St. Valentine’s Day to you all and, most especially, to the one I love.

Truly. Madly, deeply. To my Valentine.

The recipe for Nigella’s  Custard Cream Hearts is here.

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7 thoughts on “To the one I love…

  1. ‘Feast’ is my favourite Nigella too …. my favourite among all her other favourites because I am slavishly devoted to her. I adore those little custard creams – my love is on a flight to Boston and I am not so I might just console myself with a whole batch …. and a chill swill of prosecco – the art of living dangerously. And isn’t Truly Madly Deeply the most exquisite heartbreakingly wonderful movie possibly EVER? I was at a lovely recital on Saturday afternoon which included Beethoven’s Second Sonata for Cello in G minor … the achingly emotional first movement had me thinking of Juliet Stevenson crying out ‘that cello IS Jamie’ … Happy Valentines to you and your love. May your hearts be full to bursting with joy ❤️

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