Green Shoots.

This was the best my garden had to offer: a Nigella seed head, love in a mist turned dried up rattle bag. I had to admire her resilience and take comfort in her aged elegance.

Nigella seed head. Irish garden.

Ah, but that was last week when the days were still so grey and gloomy and it seemed difficult to believe the winter might be almost over.

Blueberry shoots.

The plants have better faith than I. They must have been poised on their marks, primed to lurch forward at the first blast of sunshine.

apple tree shoots

Ready, set and they’re off. Everything racing skyward.

blackcurrant shoots

There is undeniable beauty in youth and incomparable pleasure in watching small things grow.


And even those of us who have been around a while get a new lease on life.

perennial wallflowers in febuary, cork, Ireland

I’ve been out in the garden, weeding, pruning, transplanting stray seedlings of Aquilegia and robbing my own rhubarb.There was a smell of green in the air and the sounds of life, worms, bugs, slugs moving, minuscule insects flitting and a massive bee floundering, half asleep, around the artichoke. It was the greatest balm imaginable to feel the sun on my face.

Anenome coronaria.

I came indoors with rosy cheeks, achy upper thighs (by which I really mean arse), enough rhubarb to make Nigella’s rhubarb cornmeal cake (from Domestic Goddess), enough flowers to fill two small jugs and enough joy in my heart to get me through the forecast week of rain coming this way.

spring bouquet from an Irish garden

The most certain thing you can say about Spring in Ireland is that it is predictably unpredictable.

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20 thoughts on “Green Shoots.

  1. Oh what colourful and rich pickings 🙂 It must be a tad warmer in your neck of the woods than north west England. I hope not to hear any slugs for a while but that’s wishful thinking.

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    1. The little rotters seem to be having a festival in my garden. They’ve razed the tulip shoots to ground level. I’ve more or less given up trying to kill them and have resolved to only grow the stuff they don’t like. No hostas for me, unfortunately.


  2. Oh, seeing those flowers made my heart beat just a bit quicker. Glorious garden blooms – just can’t beat them for their joy-giving qualities. There was a smell of green here yesterday but today has been grey. The smell of grey isn’t so nice.

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  3. I live this post! The flowers are gorgeous. I love the bouquet. One of my favorite things is making pretty bouquets out of my flowers and plants in summer. I don’t know why I didn’t remember you were in Ireland. We visited in 2000 and loved it. Saw Yeat’s tower and went to the Aran Islands, our 20 month old screaming the whole time he wanted to go home and trying to make sure my mother-in-law didn’t flick her cigarette butts on private property. What a magical place you live.

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    1. Thanks, Kim. Sounds like you should make another trip, sans mother-in-law!
      We are at the mercy of Atlantic weather systems but we fair well enough. Ireland often feels like a little minnow swimming with sharks, we are a tiny country beholden to Britain, Europe and the US. But, I do believe we punch above our weight, culturally at least, and I feel very fortunate to have been born Irish.

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    1. Thanks, Brian. I’ve always steered towards the blues but the oranges seem to have a linger life into Autumn so I planted a ‘late Summer bed’ last year with fuschia, crocosmia, marigolds and these wallflowers.The wallflowers were flowering all winter but it has been a particularly mild one and they are in a sheltered spot.


  4. The desert floor is green, it wasn’t that way last spring, so its something new for us…can’t wait till the sun starts heating up the desert, there will be blooms everywhere….wish I could say the smell of green was in the air…the smell of wet sand and blooming creosote bushes are blooming, they have a distinct smell of diesel….just enough to where you wondering what it is ….pretty little yellow bushes, but it is the smell of the desert, …your flowers are beautiful and they make the pitchers look lovely…..spring has sprung for sure…..kat

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