Unmissable: Mister Memory by Marcus Sedgwick.

The facts of the matter are these:
At a little after eight o’clock in the morning of the first Friday in June, Marcel Després landed in my postbox in the form of a book called Mister Memory by Marcus Sedgwick.

Mister Memory. Marcus Sedgwick. review.

I flicked, as I am wont to do, to the first page and read a paragraph.
And then another.
And didn’t stop, except to make coffee and point my family towards food, until I had read, and revelled in, the last paragraph. Click to read on.

2 thoughts on “Unmissable: Mister Memory by Marcus Sedgwick.

  1. This book sounds fascinating; I’m putting it on my list.
    Your review has given me much food for thought, especially this: “Without memory we would have no identity but equally, it is our choice of which memories to highlight which determines our personality.” I do sometimes wonder whether or not we can actually “choose” which memories to highlight. In cases of trauma or abuse, one can seemingly go either way — ponder and dwell and be pulled under, or determinedly “think happy thoughts” (as my mother used to tell me) and somehow rise above it. I wonder at times if it’s just a pure force of will that makes the difference, or if some people are simply wired differently and those memories float to the surface no matter what …

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    1. It’s a good one, I promise! Very, very clever. As a child, without any doubt, I , or some unconscious part of me, consigned a whole bunch of memories to the locked archives. The problem is that I, or that same unconscious part of me, always knows they are there. Like a box in the attic (I also have a box in the attic).


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