Heartburn, Bread Pudding and October Books.

Nora Ephron‘s Heartburn made me laugh and made me cook. I built my October Cooking the Books column around her recipe for bread pudding. Read more by clicking here. Trust me, this one is worth it.Nora Ephron's Heartburn. Bread Pudding.

I get a particular satisfaction out of reading books in the appropriate season and it is all the sweeter when I can match reading material to the month at hand. Am I alone?

The Hunt For Red October. Tom Clancy

I compiled a list of October books, strictly those which have October in the title. You can read that by clicking here.

I would write more for you but I’ve used up all my time on France (that sounds better if you sing it to the tune of This Charming Man); 9,000 words –I’ve made it to Midday on Saturday. I can’t stop now, I’m committed to it.



7 thoughts on “Heartburn, Bread Pudding and October Books.

  1. I enjoyed Heartburn as well – read after my divorce, when I finally got reading again! But then I have read so much about divorce lately (and just written a book about it) that I feel I should turn my attention to something else at last. Otherwise I would be tempted to re-watch the movie!

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  2. I remember liking the movie too, but I imagine I would watch with more feeling and possibly laugh like a drain more, second time around!

    My book (since you ask) is intended as a warm, supportive guide. It’s called ‘Making Peace with Divorce’ and launches later this month. I was asked to write it, on the basis of my blog, or I would never have had the nerve.

    I have made peace with my own divorce, but the repercussions do rumble on. Not of divorce itself, but the painful fall-out with children etc because of the behaviour of my ex. Not a simple case of falling out of love and going separate ways, but lies and stealing, bankruptcy and so on…


  3. Heartburn is on my book list, but you had me at bread pudding!! oh my….what more could one ask for on a cold fall day, a good book, surrounded by a beautiful sitting room with new pillows….maybe a cup of whisky cocoa….yep that will do it…..kat.


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