Craft Room.

That would be a virtual craft room because I don’t actually have a real one. I carry my knitting bag hither and thither, occasionally hijack my Teenage Daughter’s sewing machine and spend a lot of time camped out at the kitchen table.

My Granny taught me to knit when I was seven but I’m still not very good at it.

‘You have a problem with tension’, she said, four decades ago.
‘You said it, Gran’, I reply daily.

I learned to crochet, in 2012, at the virtual knee of Lucy at Attic24. Hooking along a blanket-length row of trebles is the supreme tension-busting activity.

I have never learned to sew…I just bodge along as best I can. I made all the curtains in this house with a curtain-making-for-dummies book open by my side. Mostly, I just fix buttons and take up hems. Once in a blue moon I indulge in some cross-stitch  mostly because wielding an embroidery hoop makes me feel like a character from Sense and Sensibility.

These are some crafty highlights:

How To Spend An Unreasonably Long Time Working On A Blog Header.
Cushion covers, sultanabun-style.  My cheat’s method for buttoned-up cushions.
Small and Sweet Projects. Clothes for dolls.
Granny’s Knitting Bag. The bag of tricks I inherited and finishing Granny’s last project.
The Making Of Bernard. Oh, I love this one! Meet Bernard, the woolly mammoth bee.
And wake up where the clouds are far behind you. A granny stripe blanket ta-daah with some of my all-time favourite photos.
Gusset, gusset, gusset. I was learning to make mittens.
It’s in the giving of a gift to another….a pair of mittens that were made by your mother…doodle oooohh..this post still makes my heart squeeze.
Small Converations. Talking to my little one while constructing a wedding bouquet from crocheted flowers.
How To Make A St. Bridget’s Cross. Starring Middle Girl as guest crafter.
Could I get felted in? An enormous and hugely expensive poncho thingy that I didn’t wear.
Knitted Knockers. I’m quite proud of these.
Teeny Crocheted Shamrock Pattern. Just exactly that.
Nagging Off. A post about letting go of all that tension which ends with a shrug.
New Life To Pink Shirts. Dad shirt to Toddler dress conversion.
Custom Splashback. A collage of memories at my workspace. I do love this one. 🙂
A Weasley Initial Jumper! Challenging Mrs. Weasley to make my daughter happy.
A Slytherin Scarf. Just when I am fully stocked with Gryffindor colours, Middle Daughter defects to Slytherin!
Tutorial: How To Make A Book Tote. A crafty article for
Tutorial: How To Make Christmas Crackers. Another bookish crafty post for
Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Crocheted!
A Jedi Jacket, an Atlas Apron and a Dream Coming True. From a tiny project to my biggest dream.
Off My Trolley. Surprisingly enough, this is a post about embroidery.

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