This is my kitchen. No, I’m not a bit territorial.





Sultana buns. A sweet morsel to brighten your day.wpid-wp-1432301447962.jpeg

Apple Crumble. The never-fail recipe.
Apple Muesli. My tried and tested weight loss secret.
Black currant sorbet
. Scientifically proven (okay, not scientifically) love potion with a kick.Love Potion
Blackcurrant curd. A magenta variation on lemon curd.IMG_5242

Carrageen Moss Seaweed Pudding. It’s really good for you so guilt-free.
Carrageen Moss Pudding with Bramble Jam.

Crab Apple Curd and Crab Apple Membrillo. More of a guideline than a recipe but unbelievably delicious.
Damson Cheese. It’s not really cheese.IMG_6255

Doris, The Meringue Swan. HRH The Duchess Of Meringue (aka Teenage Daughter) makes this delightfully sweet bird.
More than just Fruit Salad. Simple, satisfying and forever associated with first kisses and Dark O’Handsome.
Frozen Blackcurrant Meringue Cake. Easy-peasy ice-cream cake.IMG_5083

Limonginochillo. A twisted gin and tonic.IMG_5453

Mincemeat. Homemade, suet-free, sweet, dark and unctious.
Mince Pies. Made with perfect sweet pastry.
Sloe and Damson Gin. Pink gin liqueur, what more do you want?IMG_6253

Solstice Cake. A variation on Nigella’s gingerbread.
White Fruity Soda Bread. Quick and easy bread.


Brown Soda Bread. Granny’s traditional, Irish brown bread.
Simply delicious Fakeymaloe Relish.IMG_6657

Crabapple jelly. Heavenly with cheese or roast chicken.IMG_6944

Hexflexagon Burritos. More Teenage Son’s than mine. Don’t take this too seriously.
Mozzarella In Carrozza. Original Elizabeth David recipe.
Pollo Pizzaiola. Chicken in pizza sauce, what’s not to like?
Rhubarb Chutney. A truly useful recipe for a rhubarb glut.Rhubarb chutney recipe

Ruby Soup. Designed to combat the November grey.
Seedy Apricot Wholemeal Scones.  I shouldn’t think even millionaires could eat anything nicer than new bread and real butter and honey for tea. (Dodie Smith, I Capture The Castle)
Wild Garlic Pesto. Worked a treat to make tricolour toast for St. Patrick’s Day.








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