HRH The Duchess Of Meringue and Doris.

Teenage Daughter has been crowned HRH The Duchess Of Meringue. She has been perfecting her craft and has tested quite a few recipes. The family unanimously agreed that this recipe is a knock-out.

You can find the recipe from Lily Higgins here but it doesn’t give a template or tutorial so you might like to have a close look at HRH’s method.

The impressive bird in the original recipe would feed twelve so HRH scaled down by half. She also thinks it’s worthwhile whisking the egg whites before you add the sugar. She whisked 3 egg whites, added 190g of icing sugar and whisked again until the mixture was glossy.

She drew a base (body), 2 cute wings and a head/neck on greaseproof paper. She also made the addition of a little tail which did make a difference. She spooned the meringue mix unto her templates.IMG_5987

All the parts were baked at 150C for 45 minutes.IMG_5988

The assembly, with 300mls of whipped cream for glue and a punnet of strawberries for guts (quote Small Girl), was a delicate procedure.IMG_5990

HRH added a blueberry eye and named her pet Doris.IMG_5994

HRH and her adoring subjects devoured Doris with gay abandon.IMG_5997

Each mouthful of crisp meringue melted in the mouth to a little chewy sweet.IMG_5992


Saying Yes, Day 2.

IMG_5992Teenage Son: ‘Are you making pizza for dinner?’
Me: ‘Yes’.

Teenage Daughter: ‘Can I try making a swan out of meringue?’
Me: ‘Yes’.

Small Girl: ‘Can I watch just the old Annie movie today?’
Me: ‘Yes’.

Me: ‘Will I have a little G&T before dinner?’
Me: ‘Yes’.

Did Husband take advantage of my pledge to reply in the affirmative?
Now, what do you think?